Thursday, May 03, 2007

Google culture

One of the great things about Google culture is that anyone can fix any problem.

Sure, it's a big place, and some people get set in their ways, and you might have to convince a lot of people that your solution is the right one. Still, no one ever makes the argument, "that's not your area" or "I don't need to listen to a peon like you." Every time I've mailed one of our senior managers with a suggestion or request, they've responded more promptly than I would have, and with detailed feedback or comments.

In short, many of the best things at Google happen because someone in the trenches had a great idea, they made it work, and they convinced a lot of people to change how things are done.

And of course, that is great.

What's bugging me these days is that a lot of people are trying to describe Google culture as "bottoms up," when they actually mean "bottom up." Bottoms up means a whole different thing.

So, to all you Googlers throwing around the phrase "bottoms up" like it's a good thing: please stop. It hurts my ears when you say it.

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