Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Donde esta Q&A

When I took my post-college trip to Europe, I was accompanied by one guy who knew a little French, and another guy who knew a little German (my contribution was that I knew a little Latin). Early one morning, we found ourselves in northern Spain trying to find our way from the train station on one side of town to the bus station on the other side of town. Our entire Spanish lexicon consisted of the knowledge that "donde esta" means "where is".

As they say, hilarity ensued. The people of that town were quite helpful, but "donde esta bus station" wasn't quite enough to carry us through. Still, we were in high spirits, and after 15 or so minutes of walking around lost, we concluded that the funniest joke ever was to say "donde esta ... us?"

All of that makes this morning's new feature on all the more interesting. Google Q&A, the product for which I serve as Tech Lead, is now live in Spanish. See what I mean?.

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