Friday, May 02, 2008

What am I doing wrong with Reader off-line mode?

I'm temporarily commuting with a laptop that has no WLAN device, so I've been using Google Reader's off-line mode for the last couple days, and I've noticed the following oddness.

I start out with a giant backlog of unread feeds, a la:

(Sorry for the quality of the screenshots in this post; if you click through to the original image on any of these, you should be able to see the folder counts clearly).

I synchronize to go off-line:

Once that's complete, all my folders show fewer unread items than before, such that my total unread drops from "1000+" to 580:

Such rapid progress! Until I go back on-line again:

And now I'm back to "1000+".

Anyone on the Reader team care to comment on this one?


bmetz said...

For what it's worth, I get that all the time in Google Reader..I gave up trying to make it behave and went back to bloglines

You could always punt and get a tether device like an iphone or a blackberry to stay connected

Last I heard you could have an iphone data plan and then put the SIM into a 3G data card to use it at full speed

Glenn said...

Just throwing out a guess here, but isn't there a limited to the amount that a website can store in a cookie (or whatever mechanism they use)?

Side note: I don't feel so bad about the number of blogs I read now - thanks!